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Reporting Analytics: The Scoreboard for Inbound

Posted by Lisa Smith, Guest Blogger

Feb 23, 2015 3:12:00 PM

HUG_Lisa_SmithImagine you're atttending the Final Four and the teams are jamming baskets up and down the court. The crowd is rambunctious and cheering on their feet. You have great seats (that cost you a pretty penny!) and you can see everything that's happening. And…no one is keeping score. The scoreboard is dark. The game announcers are talking announcing the plays, but no score. You have to try and keep track as an observer. At the end of the game you call your buddy and he asks you, what was the score? “Well,” you say, “I think we won but I'm not sure.”

That’s how your clients feel when you don’t keep them updated on their marketing results. Whether you're a savvy marketing director or an agency professional, you should be reporting relevant marketing data on a regular basis. These are your scores. Sure, it’s their business (they bought the good seats), but as the spectator, it’s hard to tell if their team winning.

Inbound Analysis and Reporting Tools

If you're executing inbound strategies, a handy simple reporting tool is the monthly marketing report from HubSpot. The report includes a monthly marketing summary email that outlines how your marketing faired in terms of website traffic, lead generation, and customer acquisition. And it comes to your inbox automatically if you sign up for it in Notifications.

If you want to provide a more in-depth play-by-play, you should start to write your own commentary. I have a custom deck that I use for each client that tracks performance and goals. And, I like to start every meeting with the inbound methodology infographic.

Lastly, use your monthly report to remind your boss or your client what the plan is for next year and the year after. That way, you ensure that you won’t get traded off the team!

Next Steps

In celebration of Inbound Week, the Ann Arbor HubSpot User Group is hosting an “Inbound March Madness” event at the Whole Brain Group office on March 3, 2015.  Register today—the event is free!

About Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith is a business owner in Lansing Michigan. Her marketing firm, Spoke8 Marketing, located in Old Town, built some of the most iconic business brands in Michigan. The firm has a prominent list of clientele for professional services, including web development, digital marketing, design, and media.

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