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HUG Recap: Anese Cavanaugh Talks Contagious Culture

Posted by Mikhail Bell

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May 26, 2016 12:32:23 PM

HUG Recap: Anese Cavanaugh Talks Contagious Culture

On April 12 Anese Cavanaugh, author of Contagious Culture, was the featured guest at the historic Philly and A2 HUG event. Cavanaugh is a seasoned strategist whose groundbreaking IEP Method is transforming organizational culture across America.

The IEP Method

Anese’s IEP Method, or Intentional Energetic Presence Method, encapsulates how you can change organizational culture. IEP refers to how you are going to impact others around you. "It literally is a choice about how you want to show up," Anese said.

Starting with one’s mental and emotional presence, the IEP method focuses on the individual, not the organization. For example, Anese asked attendees to rate their emotional energy level on a scale of one to ten (low to high). By being aware of your own energy level, you can more easily identify how to positively impact the culture around you.

What Culture Is – And Is Not

According to the writer, “the culture is you,” and reflects the sum of choices individuals make to show up. In Chapter 1 of her book, Anese writes: “You’re creating a culture that is contagious. You’re setting the tone. You’re making it happen—or not.”

Culture is not the “containers” that companies use to express their value. For example, outfitting a startup with ping pong tables and a private chef will not instantly inspire employees to be better.

Changing Your Mood

Anese emphasized the importance of taking care of the body, especially being intentional about dietary habits. 

Second, before entering a lower energy environment or having a challenging discussion, you should “bubble up.” Imagine yourself inside an impenetrable bubble. You are safe, happy, and insolated from negative energy. This mental exercise will better position you to react well in the potentially stressful situation.

Third, get curious about a down or distracted mood. Ask the individual, “I notice you seem [insert observation]. What’s going on?” Surfacing perceived inattention can lead to unexpectedly productive discussions about project challenges and stressors.

Want to learn more about Anese's IEP Method and how you can impact your company culture? Check out these resources:

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