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Catch Anese Cavanaugh LIVE at Zingerman’s

Posted by Bonnie Valentine

Apr 7, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Catch Anese Cavanaugh LIVE at Zingerman’s

We were stoked to announce that our guest speaker at the coast-to-coast, joint Ann Ann HUG and PhillyHUG meetup on April 12, 2016, is nationally recognized author and leadership advisor Anese Cavanaugh, author of Contagious Culture and's "Showing Up" column.

But now we’re adding fuel to the fire. Anese will be LIVE at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor on May 5 & 6. HUG Sprockets get 20% off the intensive, 2-day experience by using the following special promo offer: IEPNOW.

Anese Cavanaugh & IEP: Leadership & Influence

What is your energetic presence? Is it helping you create the impact you want in your organization and life? Join Anese and learn how to take your leadership, presence, and influence to a whole new level.

If you’d like to ….

  • Be the cause of your life and circumstances vs. the effect of your life and circumstances
  • Get the most out of your team by being the kind of leader they WANT to follow
  • Create a workplace that magnetically attracts, and retains, the best talent
  • Create your life and impact and relationships by design in a way that feels aligned and congruent for YOU
  • Feel good while doing all of this

...then don’t miss this 2-day group leadership experience on Intentional Energetic Presence (The IEP Method) for Individuals and Teams.

Spend two days with Anese to dive in deep, get this work into your body, integrate it into your business and life, and explore how it impacts your:

  • Leadership and Teamwork. In influencing and creating great results with your team, building collaboration abilities, increasing resiliency, navigating conflict, and getting people to follow you because they WANT to, not HAVE to.
  • Client Relationships. In how clients respond to you – and continue to work with you as a leader/service provider/trusted advisor.
  • Culture. In how it's affecting energy, productivity, trust, innovation, and the attractiveness level of your company as a “great place to work.”
  • Your Life. In feeling amazing so you can do all you’re here to do and enjoy yourself, your life, and family in the process…
Claim Your Spot Now

Use the special promo offer IEPNOW to receive 20% off!

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