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Arielle Hurst

Arielle does marketing at Pure Chat, a live chat software for small businesses. As a journalism graduate she loves anything content related - from videos and podcasts to blog posts and infographics. Arielle is passionate about fashion tech, startups and secondhand shopping. Connect with her on Twitter.
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Add More Leads to HubSpot with Live Chat

Posted by Arielle Hurst

Sep 27, 2016 6:34:04 PM

Use Pure Chat to find qualified leads and send their details to HubSpot CRM

Every business wants to engage website visitors, so they can find qualified leads and close more deals. To make that happen, leads need to be flowing into your business’ CRM so the sales team can create relationships and work their magic! While there are a lot of ways to optimize your site and engage leads, live chat is one of the most effective methods because of it’s quick, interactive nature. Why is it so effective? These three reasons explain.

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