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Attitude and Inbound Marketing

Posted by Dan Tyre, Guest Blogger

Feb 20, 2015 12:53:00 PM

HUG_Dan_TyreIn 2011, Brian Halligan, CEO & founder of HubSpot, posted on the HubSpot wiki that he would like to start a series of presentations from local business leaders on subjects that would be of interest to the HubSpot community. He called them BizTalks and they were designed to inform, teach and engage HubSpot employees, partners and members of our community to define and discuss different business concepts and experiences.

Brian singled me out in the blog post and asked me to speak on Attitude.

Attitude Fuels the Inbound Revolution

At first, I was reticent and asked my peer group, Why do you think he wants to hear Dan Tyre on Attitude? The responses were amazing. It turns out I was perceived to have a certain type of positive attitude that helped the inbound revolution gain traction. This was fascinating to me but I ran with it like a hungry man to a free buffet. I did 50 hours of research and presented Dan Tyre on Attitude in 2012 to several hundred people.

I was scared stiff. But I had good jokes. I tend to go down tangents so my friend Heidi Carlson held up signs to keep me on pace. I did 50 minutes on my first three slides and then started the attitude part and it received rave reviews. The original "Dan Tyre on Attitude" is floating in the internet ether somewhere.

In 2013, I did a follow up presentation—"Dan Tyre on Attitude 2013"and it was bigger and badder and funnier (Dan Sallythe funniest Dan at HubSpothelped me write the jokes) than the original and we packed them in for a killer presentation. I gave that one at Inbound 2013 to positive reviews. Now I give the presentation 20 times a year. Dan Sally renamed it for me: “How to Be Your Own Best Cheerleader without Ruffling Other People’s Pom-Poms.”

Pretty slick, right?

Bringing Attitude to Ann Arbor!

So it turns out I DO know about attitude. Personal and professional attitude is arguably one of most important aspects of improving the quality of your life. When I present my talk, "Welcome to the Inbound Revolution," in Ann Arbor, MI in March I will be channeling this attitude. 

The entire theme is attitude, and how you can help people by providing useful content rather than flogging them with crap.

How you can Shelp (sales + helping) with SMarkeitng (sales + marketing) and grow your business like tomato plants under a grow light.

This is going to be a great session, with nice peoplevery collaborativeand I am happy to participate.

Hey, you are what you feed your brain.

Go, Inbound in Ann Arbor, Go!

Next Steps

In celebration of Inbound Week, the Ann Arbor HubSpot User Group is hosting an “Inbound March Madness” event at the Whole Brain Group office on March 3, 2015.  Register today—the event is free!

About Dan Tyre

Dan Tyre joined HubSpot as a member of the original team in May of 2007, and has led the recruiting, training, and growth of HubSpot's sales team with vigor. An authority on inbound marketing and sales, Dan is a regular speaker, writer, and coach to those who yearn for inbound success. His favorite topic is the importance of attitude, and he's been known to bring the house down when speaking on this topic to groups.

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